PA 8100 DSC
19" Multichannel DSP Amplifier

Key Features
  • Digital multichannel amplifier with DSP
  • 8 × 8 DSP matrix
  • 8 × line IN, 8 × speaker OUT
  • 8 × 100 watts or 4 × 200 watts
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • VCA inputs per channel
  • Standby and fault contact
  • Silent running regulated fans
  • 1U chassis, installation depth only 345 mm
  • Optional 100 V transformer
  • Optional extern volume control
    (wall panel WP-V or rack panel RP-V)
  • Optional DV module for extern volume control via UP/DOWN contacts
Fields of Application
  • Home audio
  • Media rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Shops, sales rooms
  • Gastronomy
  • Clubs, discotheques
  • Concert halls, theatres
  • Churches

The PA 8100 DSC is a sophisticated class D multichannel amplifier with an integrated 8 × 8 DSP matrix. It delivers outstanding sound quality with low power consumption and low levels of heat generation. The amplifier comprises 8 symmetrical inputs and 8 outputs. OUT 1 – 8 are speaker outputs each with 100 watts power. Single or multiple amplifiers in the PA-DSC series can be connected via Ethernet or USB, programmed using the DSC Control software and a PC, and operated using a media control system.

In addition to the 8 × 8 mixer matrix, the DSP also offers ten fully parametric filters, a delay of up to two seconds, and compressors and limiters for each input and output. We can also preconfigure project-specific settings on request. The highly efficient, class-D power amplifier modules in the PA DSC series are equipped with complex limiters that guarantee stable, distortion-free operation even with low load impedances.

To enable remote control, the amplifiers are equipped with an ON/OFF contact and VCA inputs with separate channels for external volume control. All outputs can be controlled individually independently or in groups using our WP-V and RP-V volume controllers or the DV module and UP/Down contacts.

Any fault in the power amplifier channels is signaled via the isolated fault contact. Inputs 1 – 4 are set up as XLR terminals. The remaining inputs and outputs are equipped with pluggable screw-type terminals.

Technical Data
Inputs8 × line IN symmetric (4 × XLR; 4 × screw-type terminals, pluggable)
Nom. input/
output level
+ 4 dBU
Max. input/
output level
+ 22 dBU
Input impedance20 kohms
Load impedance≥ 2 ohms / bridge ≥ 4 ohms
Outputs8 × speaker OUT up to 2 × 2.5 mm²
Output power
4 ohms
8 ohms
2 ohms

8 × 100 watts
8 × 60 watts
8 × 100 watts
4 × 200 watts (4 or 8 ohms)
Frequency range10 Hz – 20 kHz
THD< 0.05 % (1 kHz, 3 dB below full power)
Dynamic range> 100 dB
DisplaysLEDs for power, signal, limit, fault, LCD-display
ControlsPreset selector, power switch, ground-lift
DSP24 bit, 48 kHz
Latency0.64 ms
Functions8 × 8 matrix mixer, 10 parametric filters for each input/output. bell, high shelf, low shelf, notch, all-pass, band-pass, high-pass, low-pass. Delay up to 2 sec., limiter and compressor for each input/output, 100 presets
SoftwareDSC Control
InterfacesUSB, Ethernet
VCA inputs 0 – 10 V for each channel
(also for DV-modules)
Floating fault contact (N/O)
Stand by contact (N/O or N/C)
CoolingSilent running, regulated fans, air flow from front to back
Protective circuitsShort circuit and overtemperature protection, inrush current limiter: peak limiter, current limiter and power limiter for each speaker output
Power supply230 V AC
Mains connectorIEC connector
Power consumption
1/8 th power

0.5 watts
38 watts
160 watts
410 watts
(B × H × T)
19", 1U,
483 × 44 × 348 mm
Weight9 kg
Warrenty3 years
Datasheet (PDF)


Wall panel (volume + mute)
Rack panel (volume + mute)

DV module
Module for digitale volume control via UP/Down contacts
DSC Control
Professional control software for controllers and controller amplifiers. Interfaces: Ethernet, USB; ;
Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS;
Download from our website –