Directional Speakers

Our RL series speakers have powerful directional characteristics across the entire frequency range and are designed for targeted irradiation in defined listening zones
and in rooms with long reverberation times. They can be used to reproduce
speech very clearly and ensure low feedback response in microphone applications.

Sounds. Radio-Kunst-Neue Musik, Berlin

Active directional Speaker RL 110 AX with internal motion sensors
id3d-berlin exhibition concept (picture: Jürgen Baumann)

The patented active directional speaker RL 110 PerZonic® automatically
adapts the output level to the ambient noise of the listening zone. The regulation characteristics can be adjusted to the sound situation in each case.

Lenbachhaus Kunstbau, Munich

Multi-function sound system with active wireless directional speakers RL 206 SN A.
Multi-channel sound exposure by directional speakers for sales areas with different content.